5 tips on how to look clean and more put together

Looking clean goes hand in hand with a clean mind. People associate others who look put together with actually being put together despite it actually being the reality. 
I feel like I'm kind of lazy, but I keep the yard looking good - Kris Kristofferson

Use accessoires to elevate 

Accessories are powerful elements that can make or break an outfit. A leather belt with sleek hardware will give a basic pair of jeans more personality, while an elegant watch makes any outfit feel more polished. It's important that you use accessoires that match the look you're going for.

Know where to spend your money on 

Sometimes, all you need is one piece to make the rest of your outfit work. Layer in an investment handbag or classic coat, and everything looks more premium by association. Knowing where to save and spend your money is crucial. Just following trends might seem easier but investing in timeless pieces will actually save money in the long term. Instead of buying because it's "in" now, try looking for pieces that will still be "in" in 10 years time from now.

Stick to one metal tone 

It's entirely acceptable and can be incredibly stylish to mix the metals with your jewellery and accessories, but sticking to one metal tone does look more polished overal. Sticking to one tone, be it silver or gold, will subtly tie your entire look together. Thus you'll be more put together

Basics are everything 

while spending more doesn't always means you're getting better quality, in some instances, it does. Always shop within your means and get the best that you can afford. Elevated-looking basics can form the basic for your best outfits, so it pays to get them right. 

Keep your shoes looking clean 

They say that shoes say a lot about the person wearing them, there's something to be said for looking after your footwear and it's correlation with having a put-together aesthetic . You should also keep on top of repairs! For leather and suede, invest in all the brushed, oils and sprays you need to protect and preserve them.